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From a Stressed College Student

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Meet the Blogger
While I try to think of a clever way to start this (hopefully) short autobiography, I'm just going to introduce myself. 
My name is Marlie, if you haven't already guessed. You won't find it on any coffee mugs, keychains, etc... Starbucks never spells it right, thanks to the preconceived notion brought by Marley and Me that all of our names end in "ey". (To all the Marlees, Marleis, and Marlis out there, I feel your pain). Anyway, Marlie is my name and you'll only find it here!  
I would like to thank those of you out there who are giving my thoughts the time of day. Hopefully we have some of the same ideas/opinions, or I can at least give you some helpful advice while I try to get my life together.
I was born and raised in the small town of St. Amant, Louisiana, where everyone is either my cousin or knows my cousin. I am Co-Editor in Chief of Louisiana State University's Gumbo Yearbook staff, where I am currently working toward an English major with a concentration in Creative Writing. You could probably never imagine that after reading such a ridiculously long, run-on sentence.
Well enough about me, because this blog is for you. I hope to give you all advice on college, life, love, and faith as I learn about these things for myself. God bless you all!

Photo by: Victoria Arnold

"Perhaps this is the moment for which you've been created." -Esther 4:14
Good Friday Walk, March 2016

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